Limitless (Sandbox Game) Pre-Alpha Testing Version Ready to Play!

Hey, people!  Zack of Flaming Ice 3d here, with another blog post.  This time, I’ve got an awesome project that I mentioned in my last post.  It’s called Limitless, and it’s a sandbox game.  A sandbox game is a game in which you can basically build whatever you want.  Limitless was inspired by Minecraft and Cube World.  Don’t worry if you think it’s too much like Minecraft.  There are WAY more features coming that will make this game much different from the state it is in now.  There are going to be quests, enemies, more weapons, and all sorts of other cool stuff!!!  But, like it says in the post title, this game is just in Pre-Alpha testing, so don’t expect too much.  But here’s the link for you to play if you want to!  I posted it on Google Drive because that ACTUALLY WORKS!!! (Unlike DropBox and Mediafire…  Just sayin’…)


P.S. I know the title screen was kind of lazily animated and doesn’t have the greatest music.  It’ll be different in a future update.


Hello people!  Zack of Flaming Ice 3d here!  I finished my “Defeat the Evil Bat Game” that I mentioned in the last post!  Just go to this link:  to play it!

I have been working on a game called Limitless (It’s a sandbox game) and I’ve got a working version of it ready to put online (IF ONLY WE HAD A WEBSITE TO POST STUFF ON).  I’ll probably put it on MediaFire or DropBox for free because it’s not a final version and I don’t really care if anyone gets it for free.  When I release the final version, however, it WILL COST MONEY (probably only $5 or something little like that).

What We’ve Been Up To

Hello people!  Zack of Flaming Ice 3d here!  If anyone’s been closely following this blog (which they haven’t), then they would probably be annoyed that we haven’t posted ANYTHING since March 2013.  Yeah…  Sorry about that. We’ve been busy with working on our games and haven’t had time to post anything!  Anyway, another reason we haven’t posted anything is because we haven’t found a website to post our games on for people to download!  Please comment if you have an idea for a website we can sell our games on.  In the meantime, here’s a game I have been working on on a game design platform called Scratch.  It isn’t finished, but it will be soon!  The game is called “Defeat the Evil Bat.”  Just click the green flag to start!

The game: